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John DeStefano

I discovered Ground Force Method through kettlebells and martial arts. At heart, I see myself as a physical culturist. I love human movement and flow. I value the process, the journey, over the destination. Instructing and moving with others is incredibly rewarding to me. If you would like to learn more about GFM, kettlebells, or […]


Jasbinder Singh

Online Fitness Coach, StrongFirst Certified SFG1, Functional Fitness Master Trainer, TRX Certified Instructor, Kettlebell Expert,Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Expert, Former Head Coach, Former Director & Co-founder FMA Fitness

For more details or to discuss your training goals with Jazz, email at Website :


Cynthia Croissant

I help people move well and get stronger so that they can transform their bodies and live active, healthy lives


Chong Looi (NZ)

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. Please come and join us at our Krav Maga gym.



Je suis instructeur de Krav Maga, passionné par la mobilité, le mouvement fonctionnel et le mouvement humain en général


Tommy Blom

Tommy is a long time Krav Maga instructor, MMA fighter and has been a student of strength and movement for almost 20 years. He is always eager to teach and share as well as to keep learning and improving his skills.


Kim Dong Yeub

hello! im Dong Yeub and i have GFM1 SFG1, and CSCS, CES, PES, and KATA too thanks

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