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Ground Force Method for Martial Artists Online Course

Ground Force Method for Martial Artists


Our Ground Force Method for Martial Artists online course is of interest for beginner, intermediate and advanced level martial artists from striking arts such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo and Self Defense systems such as Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Gracie Jiu Jitsu and others. 

The course provides principals and exercises for improving 4 major movement skills necessary for martial artists who wish to improve their skills- hip mobility for better power generation, sensory integration for improved proprioception and body awareness, sub maximal plyometrics for improving explosive strength and power and coordination for better movement control. We also added a video with games to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and more.

The exercises are simple, easy to perform and follow and are guaranteed to help improve your basic movement skills, when done consistently over a period of a few months.

With this course you will achieve

– Better, stronger and more elegant movement
– Better martial arts performance with lesser risk of injury or pain
– Help yourself and your clients achieve fitness and martial arts goals
– Improved ability to learn and understand martial arts techniques.

With the GFM for Martial Artists Online Course you will receive

– Full access to the course material
– Understanding the fundamental movement skills required for martial arts.
– No exams or prior knowledge needed!
– The course is in English and led by GFM – Global Instructor Nadav Shoshan
– After purchasing the course, you can communicate with Nadav for questions and clarifications.

Course content

Introduction– introduction and course outlines.

Lesson 1– kick higher, punch harder, roll smoother- hip rotation:
– Differences between static stretching, dynamic stretching and mobility.
– Importance of hip mobility in striking and srappling
– Mixer
– Z Series
– Prone-TGU-Bridge
– Disco race

Lesson 2 – do you even roll? Sensory integration:
– The importance of good proprioception in fighting
– The goal of sensory integration
– Sweep rolls
– Segmental rolling
– Forward and backward rolling
– Roll combinations
– Candle series

Lesson 3– sub maximal plyometrics- the controlled explosion:
– Definition of plyometrics and sub maximal plyometrics
– Correct landing mechanics
– Silverback position and movements
– Frog position and movements
– Rabbit movements
– The Flea

Lesson 4- Coordination for martial artists:
– The importance of coordinated actions in martial arts
– Hand-foot claps
– 6 and 4 point Crawl elbow-knee touch
– 6 and 4 point kick throughs
– Crawl to Crab

Lesson 5– the games of fighting:
This lesson introduces games to improve your martial arts skills.
– Crawl Passes
Position: 4/6 point crawl.
Skill: Hand-eye coordination, reaction time.
Equipment: ball, partner or wall.
– Touch the Hand
Position: 4/6 point crawl.
Skill: agility, coordination, stability.
Equipment: partner.
– Touch the foot
Position: 5 point sit or crab.
Skill: agility, coordination, stability.
Equipment: partner.
– Follow
Position: standing.
Skill- hand-eye coordination.
Equipment: balls of different sizes