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GFM is for


Everyday movers


High level athletes


Youth and seniors


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GFM helps to


Restores pain free movement


Builds resiliency and strength


Promotes fat loss and fitness


Improves longevity and durability


Enhances agility and grace

GFM is based on


Dynamic, fun, and enjoyable flows


Functional, skillful movements


Effective, short, intensive sessions


Intelligent neuroscience-based training


Adaptable for any level or sport

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Ground Force Method

Our goal

Our goal is to demonstrate playfulness when we move, to be completely engaged and to re-educate the vestibular, proprioceptive and visual systems. This rases erroneous patterns and creates new and correct ones. Our goal is to make movement something joyful again, because when we enjoy something – we repeat it. When we repeat it, we get better at it. Suddenly, better, healthy, skillful movements become  FUN. Skillful cognitive movement is one of the best things we can do with our body, and it is the best gift we can give to our Central Nervous System. Using our body as a fully functional unit, looking good, feeling good, and moving with strength, beauty – all pain-free – these are our goals.

Our origin

Ground Force Method was born out of the necessity of working with injured athletes and people who were not able to enjoy moving anymore; pain and discomfort had stopped them from enjoying movement. When pain is present, the physicality of life falls into nothingness, and the playfulness of movement is the first thing that becomes impossible…GFM restores lost movement and allows people to rediscover the joy and pleasure of moving well again.

Our structure

GFM believes and adheres to a system of movement. Our exercises are grouped in a logical order, from the simplest to the most complex and demanding, with the addition of games for fun, playfulness, and reflexive learning. Not only are there regressions and progressions for any level of ability, but we also have specific movement flows based on the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) corrective patterns. Ground Force Method training is functional and FUNdamental!

I’ve been incorporating the GFE into my training as a warm-up and cool-down since about December. Overall, my movements feel more efficient, stable, and coordinated. The GFE has improved my piriformis issues, and it has been very helpful getting more solid on my 24 kg TGUs. My pull ups have also improved as a result.

Bobby, USA

What an exceptional night of learning and movement. What we learned was not only cool but also very specific to any athlete trying to move better as well as being beneficial to all populations. I practiced this morning with my university”s baseball team during their warm-up, they loved it. I just hope I can continue to remember all the patterns. I am looking forward to the certification course as well. Thank you all.


If you are a martial artist, mixed martial artist, and fitness enthusiast or anyone in between, this course is for you. When we move better, we perform better. This course is worth every penny X10!!

Invictus Defense Academy · Beaverton, OREGON

I have been using some of the more basic patterns and rolling with some of my patients. I have a patient with a bad TBI who is in a wheelchair and I got him onto the mat table and he was doing the rolling patterns, it was a struggle at first but he started to pick it up. I have used in on some chronic LBP patients as well and they say they feel good when they finish.



I wish to add my voice to the many, and heartily congratulate you on creating this excellent program!

My physical situation is unique; and one that has propelled me to search for specific exercises that produce quality results. So, for the past three months I have performed the Warm-up 1 sequence daily, with results far exceeding my expectations! I must share these with you plus, volunteer to send you regular updates so that my experiences can hopefully be of benefit to GFM.

I am a 61-year old woman. Two years ago I was diagnosed with the neurological muscle condition: A.L.S. (Lou Gerhig’s disease) and told that I was not going to be moving much anymore. There is no known cause, no known cure…the usual prognosis is total paralysis within 5-10 years and it is fatal. Within six months I needed a cane to walk, six months later a roller-walker.

During this time I did not give up. I fell back on what I knew, what I had taught others, and soon became my own special “class of one person.” Knowing that I needed to keep moving and strengthen the unaffected muscles I tried gentle yoga, gentle tai chi, and swimming. These kept me moving but were not yet dynamic enough. So I kept searching and experimenting.

An acquaintance on Facebook; posted your first video, and I was hooked! Without any instructor nearby, I decided to go ahead and try the Warm-up 1 sequence off of your then web page (and Andrew Read”s “Breaking Muscle” page). It was a challenge at the time but “felt” good.

Three months ago, I could barely complete the series; with unbalanced crawling, falling out of moves and fatigue. But results came quickly. I noticed improved core strength, balance and stability. I now can even do “Bear Walks,” which were completely impossible before. Obviously, I am not looking for a miracle cure…I am a realist. I only want to feel better; feel in control and to keep my body healthy.

I shared the results with my Neurologist and Physical Therapists who have been impressed with my progress and are completely in support of my continued practice.

So, I hope you will accept my feedback and regular progress reports. As a former health professional I see the need to provide you with documentation as well as anecdotal evidence. GFM can be of great benefit for rehabilitation, older adults and in general helping bodies learn to “move” again.

Thank you again for creating and teaching GFM, you are appreciated!

For trainers

  • Do you want to learn more about the Ground Force Method certification?
  • Do you want to understand how you can implement Ground Force Method into your training sessions and group classess?
  • Do you want to hear other instructors’ opinion about GFM?

For practitioners

  • Are you interested in participating in training sessions that are fun and easy to learn?
  • Do you want to improve your level of strength and fitness, making it easier to climb the stairs, to catch the bus, or to play your sport, or to live your life?
  • Are you looking for a training system that is simple to implement and is excellent for general fitness, fat loss, strength, and healthy, pain free movement?


What is the philosophy behind Ground Force Method?

Ground Force Method is rooted in the neuroscience of movement, human developmental patterns, and the Functional Movement System™ by Gray Cook and Lee Burton. All the movements in GFM are carefully selected, modified, and structured to be a stand-alone movement system, but to build upon and enhance the FMS movement paradigm.

What is the purpose of Ground Force Method?

To help people of all levels of ability move better and have fun moving!

What are the Ground Force Method system levels?

Our instructor certifications courses include: GFM Level I, GFM Level II, and GFM Junior.

  • GFM Level I is our playful, bodyweight training system that builds from the fundamentals of movement, incorporates games, and progresses to higher level patterns and flows. Level I is a comprehensive program for both practitioners and trainers/coaches.
  • GFM Level II takes movement further, introducing more advanced movements, tools, partner drills and even more games. Level II is the logical progression of our skill based system, and offers more variability and dynamic flows for the practitioner and the instructor.
  • GFM Junior is Ground Force Method’s way to teach movement to children, naturally, creatively, and reflexively. We use many of the same movement patterns as we do with adults, but we organize them differently and add shorter dynamic sections, tailored to the specific age group. GFM Junior presents logical progressions from the ground up, using exciting games and short flows, while adding games, GAIT patterning, and attending to the emotional and social needs of children and adolescents.
How can I find a local GFM instructor?

Please visit the instructor tab on our website for our GFM instructor listing.

What other systems or programs would compliment Ground Force Method?

Super Joints by Pavel, Prasara Yoga™/Tactfit™, Feldenkrais™, BioGinastica™, Tacfit™, Ginastica Natural™ are definitely highly complementary systems. We also suggest checking out MovNnat™, Exuberant Animal™, and  Animal Flow™. We also highly recommend working out with kettlebells, preferrably with a certified StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. StrongFirst is a school of strength, and strength is something we all need, in tandem with more quality movement.

We are different from the above-listed methods by our core principles, we are a system with a complete structure… But at the same time, we strongly believe there is no competition in this field – we sincerely wish there were even more quality movement methods on the market.

How can I learn more about GFM?

You can visit our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube ..etc. or you can contact us directly in the form below.

If you have any questions please fill the form below and we’ll contact you asap!