Ground Force Method was born out of necessity, from working with injured athletes and people who did not enjoy movements anymore because of pain and discomfort. When pain is present, many goals cannot be accomplished, and especially the fun and “playfulness” of movements goes out the door. ​

How we can help you 

We know that life is movement! First and foremost, we should be able to move our own bodies! Before we grab any type of weight, jump on any machine or take any pills, we should be able to handle our body – just as well as we did when we were little kids. Just imagine if you could move again with a smile on your face! Ground Force Method is our FUN- damental solution. We will take you through hundreds of fun, safe and challenging exercises, so you can learn to simply move well again.

Ground Force Method foundations 

​Because we are certified in FMS, we believe in and adhere to a system of movement. We have put all the exercises into a logical order, adding games for fun and playfulness, and later on we’ve added several levels of progressions. This is all based on the idea of Functional Movement. We consider FMS so important that we start all Ground Force Method certifications with a sample FMS test, because we want attendees to understand the value of FMS, the value of finding the “starting point” before any physical activity. So… Start moving! Move better, move stronger and move more! And later on, move faster! Moving more is not enough, one must always move better. Ground Force Method classes are functional and FUNdamental.

Have you noticed that we lose movement quality as we get older? 

Considering how modern society handles physical education, we have seen an enormous degeneration in the present generations. We have certainly not become better in any sense. While different training methods are being rotated and “hyped” by the fitness industry, very much like fashion, we have lost some things – playful and quality movements.

How is it possible to move better without pain and still lose fat? 

Using the body as a unit is the most important goal of Ground Force Method. We have seen so many athletes with quite amazing muscle structures, but without the functionality of a well-developed body. Looking good and moving well is not necessarily equal! But it is truly understandable from any client that they want to look fit. Looking good, having functional muscles, low body fat and moving beautifully and pain-free – these are our goals, and these goals are clearly valuable for any clients like you.