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Hi, my name is Deb.

I am a personal trainer and movement coach in Perth, WA. I am StrongFirst and Ground Force Method certified and I specialise in mobility and strength training, which I believe go hand in hand for a healthy body. I also place importance on a holistic approach to wellness. I care about each of my clients and I am on hand to offer advice about sleep, nutrition, mental well being and health and fitness. I am a listening ear, a voice of experience and a coach who will push you when you need it.  In my thirties I personally lost over 25kg myself through embracing a balanced lifestyle and I also learned how to train effectively to get stronger and fitter and to feel healthier and happier!  Perhaps more importantly  I also learned to love my body for the amazing things it can do.  I have been in the health industry for 20 years as a nurse and now as a coach/trainer.  I changed my career from nursing to coaching because I want to help people make the small, sustainable changes necessary to live a healthier, longer, happier and more independent life. My mission is to help others feel good about themselves by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle and motivating them to reach their fitness goals. I have a particular interest in showing women in their 30’s and beyond, that building strength won’t make you bulky and can be hugely empowering. I enjoy seeing people grow in strength and fitness but also in confidence. I want everyone to learn the secrets of success to becoming the best versions of themselves. My favourite thing about coaching is seeing people achieve things they never thought possible!