March 24 – 25, 2023 Budapest, HUNGARY

(GFM1 & GFM2 COMBO COURSE. Please register for each course separately.)

*** 125,000 Ft.

Gábor Egyházi, Böbe Egyházi


***  Discounts may be available. Please contact Organizer/Lead Instructor.


TITAN BÁZIS:   1152 Budapest, Kiss Ernő u. 19.



2023.03.24. (9:00 – 17:00)

2023.03.25. (9:00 – 13:00)



Gábor Egyházi, GFM Director Hungary, GFM Global Instructor

Böbe Egyházi, GFM National Instructor




PHONE 06/70 243-0040


LANGUAGE This Certification will be taught in Hungarian, with English available.

The GFM Level 1 Instructor Certification is a 12-hour course where you will learn how to use and teach the following:

  • GFM Concepts, methodology and philosophy behind the system
  • The Ground Force Exploration (GFE)
  • The GFM Movement Library
  • GFM Progressions/Regressions and Resets
  • GFM Games and Movement Flows
  • 10-Elements GFM training sessions
  • GFM FMS Corrective Progressions

GFM Instructor Certification comes with an Instructor Manual and access to instructor only video and educational content for review and further study.

  • Advertise your classes, programs or facility with the GFM name and logo.
  • Receive a vast amount of information, videos and other supporting materials to help you design programs, training protocols and flows, workshops, and marketing efforts
  • Start private or group/class teaching with a “Monday Morning Protocol”

The GFM Level 1 Instructor Certification is a very practical and immediately usable course and includes a great deal of supplementary reading materials and marketing information for instructors.

The skills test is on the last day of the course, and is required in order to successfully complete your GFM Level I Certification. If unsuccessful on the testing day, you will have 30 days to send your course instructor a retest video.