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Dr. Aron McConnell is a dynamic therapist with a passion for enhancing his clients’ quality of life as well as an exceptional drive for higher education. He is constantly looking to hone his skills and utilize the most cutting edge, evidence-based practices when treating his clients. Doing so allows him to facilitate his clients’ progress towards their personal goals more effectively and rapidly. His personal ideology of physical therapy is that each client should be treated with a custom-designed program based on an individualized assessment and the client’s personal goals. He views this as a collaborative process with his clients and applies manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular re-education to generate positive change for each person.

An advocate and practitioner of a holistic approach to wellness, Dr. McConnell regularly utilizes physical activity, healthy nutritional regimes, and emotional support systems to improve his own quality of life. Having suffered his fair share of injuries, he regularly works to maintain his movement quality through both seeking professional care as well as maintaining a consistent exercise regimen; he supplements these with an eye toward nutrition both to improve his health and to serve as a role model for his clients. He has been married to his life partner, Jen, since 2008, and they have two French Bulldogs and a Doberman Pinscher.