Ground Force Method Level 2. Certification Course

The GFM Level 2 Instructor Certification is a 12-hour course where you will learn how to use and teach the following:

  • Bodyweight progressions
  • Object training
  • Partner body progressions
  • Mixed challenges and how to program them
  • More games!

GFM2 is the logical next step for GFM1 coaches. We use the same movement patterns, but we organize them differently. Our goal is to progress from bodyweight mobility, integrated and playful movement, toward using tools we can find either in nature or in the functional gyms of today.

GFM2 presents a logical progression using more advanced bodyweight skills with more partner exercises – while adding games and creating the FLOW in the training session.

GFM Instructor Certification comes with an Instructor Manual and access to instructor only downloadable video and educational content for review and further study.



  • The skills test is on the last day of the course in order to successfully complete your GFM Level 2 Certification. If unsuccessful on the testing day you will have 30 days to send your course instructor a retest video