I have been using some of the more basic patterns and rolling with some of my patients. I have a patient with a bad TBI who is in a wheelchair and I got him onto the mat table and he was doing the rolling patterns, it was a struggle at first but he started to pick it up. I have used in on some chronic LBP patients as well and they say they feel good when they finish. - Nicole
What an exceptional night of learning and movement. What we learned was not only cool but also very specific to any athlete trying to move better as well as being beneficial to all populations. I practiced this morning with my university's baseball team during their warm-up, they loved it. I just hope I can continue to remember all the patterns. I am looking forward to the certification course as well. Feel free to host as many learning opportunities that your schedule will allow. Thank you all. - Rudy

I wish to add my voice to the many, and heartily congratulate you on creating the excellent {program}!
My physical situation is unique; and one that has propelled me to search for specific exercises that produce quality results. So, for the past three months I have performed the { 1 Workout} sequence daily, with results far exceeding my expectations! I must share these with you plus, volunteer to send you regular updates so that my experiences can hopefully be of benefit to the {program}.

I am a 61-year old woman. Two years ago I was diagnosed with the neurological muscle condition: A.L.S. (Lou Gerhig’s disease) and told that I was not going to be moving much anymore. There is no known cause, no known cure…the usual prognosis is total paralysis within 5-10 years and it is fatal. Within six months I needed a cane to walk, six months later a roller-walker.
During this time I did not give up. I fell back on what I knew, what I had taught others, and soon became my own special “class of one person.” Knowing that I needed to keep moving and strengthen the unaffected muscles I tried gentle yoga, gentle tai chi, and swimming. These kept me moving but were not yet dynamic enough. So I kept searching and experimenting.

An acquaintance on Facebook; posted your first {video}, and I was hooked! Without any instructor nearby, I decided to go ahead and try the Warm-up 1 sequence off of your web page (and Andrew Read's “Breaking Muscle” page). It was a challenge at the time but “felt” good.
Three months ago, I could barely complete the series; with unbalanced crawling, falling out of moves and fatigue. But results came quickly. I noticed improved core strength, balance and stability. I now can even do “Bear Walks,” which were completely impossible before. Obviously, I am not looking for a miracle cure…I am a realist. I only want to feel better; feel in control and to keep my body healthy.
I shared the {information} with my Neurologist and Physical Therapists who have been impressed with my progress and are completely in support of my continued practice.
So, I hope you will accept my feedback and regular progress reports. As a former health professional I see the need to provide you with documentation as well as anecdotal evidence. {This program} can be of great benefit for rehabilitation, older adults and in general helping bodies learn to “move” again.
Thank you again for creating and teaching {this program}, you are appreciated!
Best Regards,
Ground Force Method
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