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Do you recommend taking the FMS course?Absolutely! The FMS should be a first step for every trainer. The assessment and correction skills are the real strength of the FMS. Simply put: we as trainers must know on what foundations we build strength, endurance, power or explosiveness. For more information about FMS - click here!
What are the Ground Force Method programs?GFM Level I is our playful, bodyweight training system.  Level II will be introduced later and it will go further and introduce tools, partner drills and more games.  
What is the philosophy behind Ground Force Method?First of all, the Functional Movement System™ by Gray Cook and Lee Burton. All the movements in GFM are carefully selected, modified or structured so it would fit  the FMS paradigm.
What is the purpose of Ground Force Method?To help people move better! 
What other systems or programs would compliment Ground Force Method?Super Joints by Pavel, Prasara Yoga™/Tactfit™, Feldenkrais™, BioGinastica™, Tacfit™, Ginastica Natural™ are definitely highly complimentary systems. We also suggest checking out Movnat™ and Exubernant Animal™,  Animal Flow™, these are all also great methods. We would also highly recommend working out with kettlebells, preferrably with a certified StrongFirst kettelbell instructor. SF is a school of strength, and strength is something we all need, in tandem with better movement. We are different from the above-listed methods by our core principles, but at the same time, we strongly believe there is no competition in this field - we sincerely wish there were more quality movement systems on the market!
Ground Force Method
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