Ground Force Method Level 2 Certification Course

Rick Baker  


ELITE TRAINING CENTRE: 13 Robjohns Rd, Chelmsford, CM1 3AG Tel: 01245 252600

Early Bird Price- £379 by NOV. 4. Late Booking - £429

The Level 2 certification is an 12 hour event, where we will be teaching you the following:

  • Bodyweight progressions
  • Object training
  • Partner body progressions
  • Mixed challenges
  • More games

GFM2 is the logical continuation for the GFM1. We use the same exact patterns, but we use different solutions. Same, but different. Our goal is to progress from bodyweight mobility, integrated and playful movement, toward using tools we can find either in nature or in the functional gyms of today.

We also want to present a logical progression using more advanced bodyweight skills,naturally with more partner exercises–while adding games and creating the FLOW in training.
GFM Instructor Certification comes with a full 80-page Instructor Manual and almost 60 minutes of downloadable video for review and further learning.

What are the benefits of becoming a Ground Force Method II Certified Professional?

  • You can SHARPEN AND ADD MORE TOOLS to your existing programs, including GFMI trainings.
  • You can ATTRACT AND EXPAND your clientele with a challenging and effective program, uniquely tailored.


  • At the end of the Certification, there will be a Testing section. If you are successful, you will become a GFM Level II Certified Professional. If unsuccessful, you will receive instructions on how to retest through video.


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