Ground Force Method Level 1 Certification Course

Rick Baker  


ELITE TRAINING CENTRE: 13 Robjohns Rd, Chelmsford, CM1 3AG Tel: 01245 252600

Early Bird Price- £379 by SEPT. 13. Late Booking - £429

The Level 1 certification is an 12 hour event, where we will be teaching you the following

  • GF Exploration (GFE)
  • GFM Games
  • Concepts, methodology and philosophy behind the system
  • Teaching the movements and creating forms
  • Program planning, creating progression/regression plans
  • How to create a workout
  • GFM Instructor Certification comes with a full 120-page Instructor Manual and almost 60 minutes of downloadable video for review and further learning.

What are the benefits of becoming a Ground Force Method Certified Professional?

  • You can advertise your classes, programs or facility with the GFM name and logo.
  • You will receive a vast amount of information, videos and other supporting materials to help your programs.
  • You can start private or group/class teaching.

The GFM Level 1 Certification is a very practical course, literally as well, as there is a lot of movement practice required, but it  also includes a great deal of supplementary reading materials.


  • At the end of the Certification, there will be a Testing section. If you are successful, you will become a GFM Level I Certified Professional. If unsuccessful, you will receive instructions on how to retest through video.


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